Alice in CircusLand

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Yes Ma'am returned in Fall 2021 for a rousing production of Alice! This show was performed at Aloft Circus Arts in October. Packed houses followed Alice down the rabbit hole to meet the snarky residents of Wonderland. She encounters the White Rabbit, the Caterpillar, a Most Annoyed Pigeon, the Cheshire Cat, and the Mad Hatter before finally ending up in the Queen's Court for a most unfair Croquette Game. Pictures are available here on our blog. Video forthcoming on Vimeo.

Yes Ma'am at Gen Con 2021 (Virtual)!

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Yes Ma'am Circus is back at GenCon Online this year with a series of workshops and a cabaret-style virtual show!


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Our show "A Dance With Nerds" is on September 17 at 6pm Eastern and features circus and burlesque. Our workshops will be held on September 18 & 19. Videos will be available later through Vimeo On Demand. 

For a list of our event descriptions, check out our blog.

Yes Ma'am at GenCon 2020
Episode II:


Come quest with us and see your favorite RPG encounters brought back to life by Yes Ma'am Circus! Marcus the Bard returns to the Hogshead Tavern, but a surprise is waiting for them! He must journey to the mysterious Day-Glo Bog, and is certain to encounter challenges along the way. Armed only with their talents, our brave artists use burlesque, acrobatics, juggling, and more to work their way through famous scenarios. Will our bard succeed at his aggressive negotiations? Who will gain the high ground? If that's not a moon, what is it?

GenCon 2020 Video on Demand link:
Buy it for $15, rent it for 72 hours for $5

Yes Ma'am also presented 8 workshops, including a 4-part Avatar Fitness Series, and introductions to Makeup and Burlesque Dance.

The Hellidays!
December 15, 2019


A Heaven & Hell themed circus cabaret featuring short and long form acts. We were headlined by excerpts from Luke Virgilio's Carnal Inferno. Other acts included aerial sling, Spanish web, duo lyra, and more!


Yes Ma'am at Gen Con 2019!


Come quest with us and see your favorite RPG encounters brought to life by Yes Ma'am Circus! Our performers begin in a tavern and must work their way through the mysterious Circus Dungeon! Armed only with their talents, these brave artists will use burlesque, acrobatics, juggling, and more to work their way through classic tabletop gaming scenarios. Will the bard succeed in seducing the famous Owl Bear? Does the gazebo fight back? Does casting Magic Missile into the darkness achieve anything? That is entirely up to you! Roll to determine the outcome, and watch as our intrepid PCs succeed, fail hilariously, and do their best to survive!

Twelfth Night:
Chicago, June 2019


In June 2019 Yes Ma'am tackled another classic: Shakespeare's Twelfth Night. This gender-bending comedy was right up our alley, and our zany cast danced, juggled and rolled through the awkward love triangle and below stairs plotting. Check our blog and Facebook page for pictures as they become available.​

Thanks to all who came to and Theater Wit for hosting!

From the 2018 Season

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"Yes Ma’am Circus brings something new and never-before-seen to the table with a combination of exciting acrobatic acts, humor, and a new take on the story of Paradise Lost in It’s Not Me, It’s You" - Picture This Post

It's Not Me It's You... is a circus retelling of the classic by Milton, Paradise Lost. The show revolves around the emotional fallout of the war in Heaven and the relationships between those left on either side of the Hell/Heaven schism. It explores themes of loyalty, betrayal, friendship and loss through aerial performance, acrobatics, juggling, and clown. 

This show was performed in Chicago at Aloft Circus Arts and the Athenaeum Theatre, and in Philadelphia at the Venice Island Performing Arts & Recreation Center.

Original Cast: Maggie Karlin, Amancay Kugler, Athena Giles, Myriam Bloom, and Matthew Kugler.