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And that's a wrap!

Last weekend we did our final show for 12th Night: If Circus Be the Food of Love, Play On! It was a blast, and we are in awe of our talented cast. Thanks so much to everyone who came, to Theater Wit for hosting us, and to Kathleen, Kristi, Foxy Grampa, and Scott for joining us up on stage.

This was not an easy show to produce. Amancay and Matthew welcomed baby Diana into the world mid-spring, and many in the cast had unexpected personal difficulties of one sort or another. But we held together, supported each other, and made it through. Right now we are all resting and recovering - we should probably add bulk ice and ibuprofen purchases to the budget for next year - but there will be more awesome circus theater in our future.

Oh, and by "resting and recovering" I mean "that, and prepping our Gen Con show." Because we are hosting Circus Dungeon Crawl in Indianapolis on the first Friday in August:

We are also doing a ton of cool workshops:

Professional photos are still on the way, but these are some of our fan favorites.

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