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Yes Ma'am at GenCon Online, 2021!

For our third straight year, Yes Ma'am is running a show as well as a series of cool workshops.

The show is "A Dance with Nerds." It runs 6-7 Eastern on Friday and is a cabaret blending together burlesque, circus, and performance arts. Come see beautiful people do beautiful things. 1 hour. 18+.

Burlesque & Chair Dancing ( Saturday 1 Eastern): Helena Handbasket will teach you the sensual art of burlesque dancing with a chair! This class is great for dancers of all levels! 1 hour.

Learn stage combat techniques and explore introducing intimacy into performative spaces. The workshop culminates in an epic partner battle with an enemies to lovers arc. 1.5 hours.

We also have our Avatar Fitness series.


Waterbender Flexibility (Saturday 11 Eastern): Get your muscles to flow and flex like the supple water you bend! This all level class will focus on active flexibility throughout the whole body, finding mobility and range of motion strength. 1 hour.

Earthbender Strong (Saturday 12:30 Eastern): Get strong and stable like a boulder! This all level class will focus on strength and stability and requires no equipment at home. 1 hour.


Firebender Cardio Burn (Sunday 11 Eastern): Feel the fire within and the sweat without! This class is a high energy movement class. We will get your heart rate UP with a mix of dance, HIIT, and martial arts movements for all levels. 1 hour.

Airbender Agility (Sunday 12:30 Eastern): Move with the grace of the breeze itself. We will focus on agility exercises and training. Stability, balance, footwork, and some basic acrobatic movement will all be covered in this workshop. 1 hour.


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