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Yes Ma'am at GenCon 2022!

For our fourth straight year, Yes Ma'am is running a show as well as a series of cool workshops.

The Show!

Circus Dungeon Crawl. 6-7:30 on Friday. Burlesque, circus, and gaming combine in this hilarious and glitzy show! With a roll of the D20, audiences direct Marcus the Bard through their quest and encounters with magical beings. 18+

Body Movement

Burlesque for Beginners ( Friday 1pm): A fun and sultry introduction to the art of burlesque! This class is great for dancers of all levels! 1 hour.

Body Flow (Saturday 12pm): Using a combination of yoga, flexibility training, and self massage, Body Flow helps release tension and revitalize tired muscles. We'll specifically be targeting those areas most impacted by the con. Modifications are available for most stretches to accommodate any mobility constraints. Accessible to all.

We also have our Avatar Fitness series.

Airbender Agility (Saturday 1pm): Move with the grace of the breeze itself. We will focus on agility exercises and training. Stability, balance, footwork, and some basic acrobatic movement will all be covered in this workshop. 1 hour.

Waterbender Flexibility (Saturday 2pm): Get your muscles to flow and flex like the supple water you bend! This all level class will focus on active flexibility throughout the whole body, finding mobility and range of motion strength. 1 hour.

Firebender Cardio Burn (Saturday 3pm): Feel the fire within and the sweat without! This class is a high energy movement class. We will get your heart rate UP with a mix of dance, HIIT, and martial arts movements for all levels. 1 hour.


Beginner Mask Making (Friday 1pm): Make your own mask! Craft and decorate a custom mask tailored to your face. At the end of this workshop, you'll have some new skills and a sweet new mask to take home.

Yarn Spinning (Saturday 1pm). Don't be a typical bard; learn to spin real yarn! This beginner friendly class teaches you to spin your own yarn. Go home with new skills and new craft supplies!


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